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What Is NeoBux?

NeoBux is a Free worldwide service available in both English and Portuguese language.
Our service consists of allowing advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their advertisement in our site and users to earn money by viewing those advertisements.
Our users click on the advertiser's ad and view it during the amount of time specified by the advertiser.
After viewing the ad, the user gets credited with a pre-determined amount of cash on their NeoBux account.
You don't need to pay us to start earning. So, register now and start earning money for free!


The amount of cash the user earns varies between the user's membership, the ad viewed and the number of referrals the user has.
For example:
If you have a Golden Membership, click 10 top ads a day and refer 150 members who also click 10 top ads a day:
You win $30.2 (US dollars) per day that translates to around $936.2 (US dollars) per month. Now, try to multiply that for a year!
With even more referrals (which can be rented or obtained freely) and more ads, we will leave it to your imagination.
(This is just an example. Actual earnings can be different depending on the factors above.)
You don't need to pay us to start earning. So, register now and start earning money for free!


The amount we pay you is divided between several factors.
First let's describe the amount you win per click and for each of your referral's clicks depending on the type of membership you have:
Pioneer and Standard Membership
Per click: $0.010 (standard exposure) • $0.015 (extended exposure)
Per referral click: $0.005 (standard exposure) • $0.010 (extended exposure)
Golden Membership
Per click: $0.010 (standard exposure) • $0.020 (extended exposure)
Per referral click: $0.010 (standard exposure) • $0.020 (extended exposure)

We also have mini exposure advertisements where users earn $0.005 for each click without referral commissions.
Minimum Payout:
The minimum payout amount is set at $2.00 (two US dollars) for your first payout request, $3.00 (three US dollars) for the second, $4.00 (four US dollars) for the third and so on until $10.00 (ten US dollars).
This means that when you reach or go beyond this limit, you can request your earned money.
Amount of time for payment processing:
After you request your payment, you'll receive it instantly in your chosen payment processor account unless some kind of technical difficulty is encountered during the process.


A referral is someone who works for you.
Sounds good? Keep on reading:
A referral gets what every other user gets when they click ads: Money!
But, if a user that clicks ads is your referral, you get money, too!
There are two types of referrals and three ways of getting them:
Direct referral:
This user registered using your username as their referrer.
Rented referral:
You rented them.

So, how do you get referrals?

Here are the three ways you can do that:
Use our banner:

Show our banner online with a link to NeoBux with your username on that link (you can find the banners with the links in your account).
When the visitor clicks that banner, he/she will be sent here.
Then, all he/she has to do is register. We'll take care of the rest for you.
Just tell everyone to register at NeoBux and to type your username in the referrer field when they do so.
You can rent referrals monthly to work for you (this is not slavery... they win too).
Just go to your account to do so.
The quantity of referrals available will vary depending on how many users registered without a referrer.
You'll only get referrals that have clicked at least 10 advertisements in the past 5 days.

The renting price for each referral per month is:

Referrals Golden Pioneer Standard
Monthly AutoPay Monthly AutoPay Monthly AutoPay
0 -> 250 $0.20 $0.0060 $0.25 $0.0075 $0.28 $0.0085
251 -> 500 $0.21 $0.0060 $0.26 $0.0080 $0.29 $0.0085
501 -> 750 $0.22 $0.0065 $0.27 $0.0080 $0.30 $0.0090
751 -> 1000 $0.23 $0.0070 $0.28 $0.0085 $0.31 $0.0090
1001 -> 1250 $0.24 $0.0070 $0.29 $0.0085 $0.32 $0.0095
1251 -> 1500 $0.25 $0.0075 $0.30 $0.0090 $0.33 $0.0100
1501 -> 1750 $0.26 $0.0080 $0.31 $0.0090 $0.34 $0.0100
over 1750 $0.27 $0.0080 $0.32 $0.0095 $0.35 $0.0105

NOTE: The first two rentals for standard members have a special
discount being the price for each referral only $0.25.
Pay daily using AutoPay:
You can activate AutoPay to extend your referrals' next payment date.
On the first click each referral makes per day, you'll pay to keep him/her for an extra day.
This is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to keep your referrals.
Also, you'll save 10%.
Recycle your referrals:
You can recycle each referral any time you want to.
Is your referral inactive or just clicks a few advertisements per day?
No problem!
For just $0.08 you can replace him/her with a new active referral.

So, what are you waiting for?

Yes, we know.
That is why our delivery service is fast and professional.
When you buy something at NeoBux, you will receive it as soon as the payment is approved.
Even when loading a bus with referrals, it will only take a short time for them to arrive at your door.


Yes, we allow any living creature to click for you.
So, if you have a dog, you can start training it (we would love to see the video)!
If you think that a program that automatically clicks is a living creature, then your mental state is somewhat strange.
If you use that type of programs:
• You'll be treated as a hacker.
• You'll get banned.
• We can't be friends.


Yes, everyone in your household can join NeoBux (even your mother-in-law)!
There is a catch, though... Only one user per IP is allowed in 24 hours.
This means, that if everyone in your house logins in the same day, only the first one can earn by clicking the advertisements. To allow another user to click advertisements, he or she will have to wait 24 hours.
But everyone can login to check their account or post at the forums, for example.
So, in short, to click advertisements and get paid, only one user per IP in 24 hours.
Don't do that at school, work or by using some kind of Proxy or VPN because usually the IP is the same for every Internet user.


That's nice!
Seriously, we love hackers. That is why we also thought of you!
Hackers will have a special attention from our system. Just for you, we have implemented one of the strongest anti-cheat protection in the industry so that you can work harder in cheating.
You will be warned when you try to cheat but we also have many other surprises because we know how much you love surprises. In certain cases you won't be warned!
As we love hackers so much, we will even update your account balance because we know what success means to you.
If our system finds out you are a hacker it will fight back. Don't worry, there is no violence involved... you will just be banned when you request your payment.
How do we know that you are hacker:
• You try to develop or use something that click ads for you.
• You try to view advertisements you're not supposed to.
• You are ugly!
If you get banned, it's because our system got upset with you so, it won't accept communications coming from you. Our system doesn't accept apologies.
If you're banned, you will lose all the money in your account!
(It's our way of saying: We told you so!)
You have been warned!


As an advertiser you will get what you pay for.
We are different because we care about our advertisers.
This is what we offer you:
Advertisement Management
• You only need to submit your advertisements once.
• You can pause, resume or delete them any time you want.
• You may set a demographic filter or show to all members.
• You can buy clicks and distribute them by your advertisements.
• You access detailed statistics during and after your advertisement display.

Click Packs Management
• You buy how many clicks you need.
• You decide how many clicks go to each advertisement.
• If you decide to delete an advertisement that still has clicks left, no problem... you will get those clicks back in your account to use in another advertisement.

Demographic exposure
• Choose to show your advertisement to the world or just a few countries.
• Toggle the filter on and off and choose different countries for each advertisement.

Anti-Cheat Protection
• Your advertisements will be shielded by a strong anti-cheat protection.
• Clicks from hackers will never be accounted (but we may tell them they are).
It was never so easy and secure to advertise and manage your advertisements.
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it offers you the possibility to rent referrals from your neobux account
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mostly you will get 4 ads a day.. and you can reach the minimun payout in less then 50 days if you don't have any refreal.

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What is PTC ?

PTC stands for Paid To Click, so you are paid when you click an advertise. When joining PTC sites, you always have the possibility to become an Affiliate or an Advertiser. As an affiliate, you will click on the links provided by the advertiser. The PTC site acts like an intermediary making everything possible. The Advertiser pays the PTC site, then the PTC site pays you, everyone is a winner. The Advertiser gets more traffic to its website, the PTC site and you make money.

How will I earn money and how much will I make? As it is impossible to provide an exact number, your capacity of earning will be established by your ability to click on the provided links on a regular basis. In PTC, persistency and dicipline is the key, you won’t earn 10$ per day alone on your first day. Most PTC sites offer 1 cent per click and have 10+ ads running daily. In that case, you would be earning 10 cents per day from that website. You would also be earning money for the clicks of your referrals. Earnings Example (ideal situation)

You click 10 ads per day = $0.10» 20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00» Your daily earnings = $2.10» Your weekly earnings = $14.70» Your monthly earnings = $63.00. The key to making money from these PTC sites is the quantity more than quality. If you sign up to 10 PTC sites and click with the same rate, 10 clicks per day , you’ll earn 10 times as fast as you would on one site. The logic is pretty simple, the more the better. Quantity primes but quality means a lot to. Some PTC sites offer 20+ ads daily, that’s 50 cents per day. These are the kind of sites you’re looking for but they are rare. Optional (but recommended) ways to increase your earnings, most (if not all) PTC sites offer ‘’Premium’’ memberships. These memberships give you access to increased rates for every click, to lower payout (money is faster in your pockets), and to increased rates for every referral’s clicks and many more great features.You will always be the winner in the long term when you purchase this membership. Another way to increase your income faster is to buy referral packs. Combined with premium memberships, your profits are going to grow much faster. Every active referral is someone working for you, earning you daily.-What are good PTC sites?There are lots and lots of PTC sites, not all of them are good. Be careful with websites guarantying outrageous earnings per click, you can expect 1-5 cents per click MAX. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Look for websites with at least 10 ads daily and payment proofs so you don’t work for nothing. Don’t be afraid to join new PTC sites, if they aren’t up to your expectations, just close your account.

To have an unlimited income potential on any PTC program you need to participate on many PTC programs and most importantly to increase your direct referrals for they are your foundation towards earning huge long term income.

As a beginning Paid-to-Click member your big challenge is how to gather a lot of referrals in order to generate huge income from a PTC program. One of the easiest ways to get a lot of referrals is to buy them from the PTC program itself but not all members has the luxury to do this especially on those members who are just starting. Don’t worry getting a lot of direct referrals is easy. Here are the ways on how to get your massive referrals online :

1. Converting your PTC earnings into Ads. You can advertise your referral page through the PTC program you participated.
2. Free Classified Ads. There are a lot of free classified ads that you can join online. All you have to do is to make the Ad title or headline so catchy that a lot of online users will look at it.
3. Social Network Website. You can easily invite network of friends here to be your direct referrals.
4. Writing a blog article or review about PTC programs. There are many free blog sites that you can join use this opportunity to add your PTC referral banners or link on the post.
5. Email Signatures. Every time you send emails to your family, friends or anybody include your referral ad link or banner ad under your email signature area.
6. Forum Signatures. Just like Email signatures you can also include your referral ad link or banner ad as signature. Every time you make a forum post other members can see it.
7. Manual Traffic Exchange Programs. You earn credits here by manually browsing other member’s website. Then you can convert those credits to advertise your referral page.
8. Article Writing. Write articles about anything that interests you and then add a link on your article pointing to your referral page. Submit your article to a lot of top article directories.
9. Anywhere where you can leave your referral ad link or banner just make sure you don’t spam.

Like many other questions about making money online, if you ask, if this is a scam ? the answer is yes and no. The idea behind Paid to click sites is simple. Advertisers pay sites to show their ads for a specific length of time. The members or these PTC sites are then paid a small portion of the advertising cost to view the ads.There are plenty of legitimate Paid to click sites out there, but there are also many scams that quickly set up shop with the sole intention of collecting money from inexperienced and unsuspecting advertisers with absolutely no intention of ever paying its members. If you are just using a paid to click site to try to earn income, your risk is low as you will only lose time if the site doesnt pay. I suggest you do a google search about the specific site or look for information posted on forums. If the site isnt paying people, it shouldnt be too hard to dig up this information.
So, it's up to you how you will act, just act with caution, so you don't get scammed but still have a decent income.

PTC Best is NeoBux,Paid me Instantly,ok if you want to Join at NeoBux Click Here or Click Banner Below

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What is PPC ?

Before,we must first know what is PPC?

PPC is Short for Pay-Per-Click, an Internet marketing formula used to price online advertisements. In PPC programs the online advertisers will pay the Internet Publishers the agreed upon PPC rate, regardless if a sale is made or not. Also called Cost-Per-Click (CPC).

Pay per Click is an advertising model where businesses pay an agreed upon amount, each time their advertisement is "clicked", not each time their ad is displayed.
Advertisers typically setup ppc on a PPC network and define how much they are willing to spend for each click-through that they receive.
Advertisers select keywords, keyword phrases, keyword groups, or categories in which they want their advertisements to appear.

Advertisers willing to spend the most money for a relevant advertisement will generally be listed first. *Google's PPC ranking system assesses CPC (cost per click), ad relevance, click through rate, and daily budget, so the order on which the ads appear is based on a number of factors.

Benefits to PPC

When you setup a PPC campaign you can controlthe traffic. While a new website takes time to rank well in search engines, with PPC you can turn the traffic on and off. With PPC you can create almost instant traffic.
Unlike organic search listings you control the information (ie. description) and where the visitor is directed on your website.

Another benefit to PPC listings is the opportunities for international exposure. Organic search listings vary in different geographical regions. With PPC you control where you are seen.

Click Fraud

Fraud has plagued PPC advertising medium since its inception, and while many PPC networks have made significant progress in combatting click fraud, it is still something to be cognizant of.

Tracking PPC

In order to determine how effective a PPC campaign is, it is important to implement tracking. Just because an advertisement has a high number of click throughs does not mean it is the best ad. It is easy to get users to click on "Free Software" but few of those clicks will convert to sales.
Monitor, measure and maintain successful PPC campaigns.
PPC Management and Tracking Tools

The Goal of PPC

A successful PPC campaign should be targeted not too narrowly and not too broadly. Direct the user to a relevant landing page that has a direct relationship to the keyword or phrase.
List of PPC Search Engines
There are hundreds of Pay Per Click Search Engines you can buy traffic from.


Keyword service that gives you the detailed data you need to determine exactly how successful your pay-per-click ads are... so you can strengthen your ROI.

Article Resource
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